Friday, July 13, 2012

Time Keeps on Slippin' Into the Future

24 hours = 1 day
168 hours = 1 week
627 hours, 720 hours, 744 hours = 1 month depending on calendar (except leap year)
8,760 hours = 1 year (note above)
495,670 hours (approx.) = my life thus far

Time Management.  What did I do today?  Did I earn my pay?  Have I wasted time?  How has my productivity been?  Did I give ample, adequate and quality time to my wife?  My children?  Prayer?  Bible study?  Service to others?  Recreation?

I do not punch a clock—for that I am grateful.  I admire those who do; they know that to do their “job” they must log certain amount of time.  It may be 9 – 5.  It may be split shifts.  It may be rotating shifts (oh the sleep deprivation!) 

Others’ “job” is to accomplish certain tasks and they may or may not use a calendar or time piece to gauge their work.  Farmers, for example, know that the ground must be tilled and prepared at a certain time, perhaps with a certain amount of moisture or temperature.  Seed should be planted at the “appropriate time” to better the chances of a successful crop.  During the growing “time” or season care must be given to the crop by weeding, pest control, and irrigation.  And then at the most very-right time, harvest!

My “work” is a mixture of things nowadays.  I affectionately call it “spinning plates in the air.”  Much of what I “do” relates to each other; so I struggle over assuring I give each one all the appropriate time and attention they deserve.  It is not much different than being fully engaged in local congregation employment (those of us who do or have done know that to be true!)  But one of the struggles I have been dealing with has been managing my time.

The song that is on “repeat” in my mind is the Steve Miller Band’s Time Keeps on Slippin’ Into the Future.  With every beat of my heart, the clock ticks and this second is no longer the last second, and so forth.  Jim Croce recorded another song Time in a Bottle in which he sings, “But there never seems to be enough time, To do the things you want to do, Once you find them.”

So, I am working hard to relax in the day, do what I can, consider the things I missed and re-evaluate how much stress I place on myself to get it all done.  I am reading back over this now and just got tired.  I think I’ll take a break now!