Monday, August 26, 2013

The Trails of Life

Last year I blogged about a “new adventure” I had undertaken—hiking.  Unfortunately I have not kept up with it like I had wished.   However, recently on vacation my wife and I decided it would be a good “exercise” for us.  So, we chose the “short” trail.  Short? Yes, yet straight up! During this short, yet strenuous hike I had several observations, several parallels to life.

Hiking is better with a companion.  If the other person is in the lead, you can watch where they step.  Why make the same misstep?  If you do slip and fall, they can pick you up when you fall.  And probably the best reason: they encourage you to continue.  (“Just a little bit farther.”  “You can do it!”)  We need companions in life, too.  As a Christian fellow disciples help “disciple” others encouraging to walk in Christ’s Light.  There is something strengthening to meet with, gather with, other like-minded believers.  We call this “church.”

 On a trail steps can be treacherous.   What looks like a dry rock can be slippery.  If your companion makes a misstep, you choose to either follow or step somewhere else.  You choose to step in their footprints or take another.  Regardless of steps, no path is straight.  When I considered the actual places I stepped, the path of my footprints looked more like the slithering of a snake.  I ended up at the end of the trail, but due to choosing where each step was to be placed I “wriggled” all along the path.  When a friend stumbles in life, I am there not to judge and condemn, but to lend a hand to help them regain their foothold and to assure they won’t stumble again.  I watch carefully my own spiritual journey and hopefully learn from their mistake.

Path choices can be wrong; you can learn from them.  You need to have an idea where you are going and choose the path best suited for YOU to get there.  After getting deep into the woods and up the mountain it is not real comforting to hear, “I’m not sure where this will lead…” or “It looked “good/right”.  I thought it would lead me to where I wanted to go.”  What does one do when they find they have gone down the wrong path?  Well, you try to correct the error.

A Trail map is mandatory.   Someone who knows this area better than me has mapped out a pretty good guide to use. A well-worn trail map can be your friend.  At the end of the journey you look at it and realize how often you referred to it.  What is the “trail map” I use for my life?  As a Christian, the Bible is my trail map.  Oh, how I wish I referred to it more often!

Using a trail map and noting the well-placed signs along the way are helpful.  They help to confirm that you are still on the chosen path and you haven’t ventured off your planned course.  They are also placed at appropriate intersections to help one determine the direction to go.  There were several times we couldn’t find the friendly red mark on a tree we were to follow so we slowed down until we did.  Life is full of changes and constantly monitoring one’s direction is important to attain one’s goals.

Even though I’ve done this before, I had to start over.  If in my previous treks I had begun to build stamina and/or muscle, they were long gone since I had not kept up with it.  In my Christian life, I fail many times keeping up the “walk” that should go along with my “talk.”  When I do, I realize that I have to go back to the basics and not try to run all at once.  The good news is that I am always welcomed back!

The climb is worth the view.   The sore muscles, the profuse sweating, the racing heart and gasping for oxygen all begin to bring doubt to one’s mind.  Turn around.  You’re a fool.  Go back and have a Coke and a cookie.  With the encouragement of a companion, the signs of direction, the beautiful reminders of God’s beautiful creation along the way you trudge on, hoping that it will be worth it.  You have to rest along the way, but you do not give up.  And when you do reach the top it is confirmed!

You gasp, you soak it all in.  You see, experience and breathe in the “Majesty and Glory of His Name.”

After a time you realize you have to go back.  The trip back down is yet another journey.  And you thought the steps UP were treacherous!