Monday, September 22, 2014


After living in Orlando, Florida for ten and a half years, my wife and I longed for seasons other than hot and rainy.  Moving to Dalton, Georgia three years ago this November we were reminded of what we love about this part of the country—four seasons!

Usually my favorite season is whichever one we are currently in.  There is something great about each one.  But to be honest, I love autumn the most.  It is a time of beauty with magnificent colors.  It is a time of spice and wonderful smells; it is a great time for drives to Ellijay and Blue Ridge to enjoy the majesty of our mountains and savor some delicious apples.

Autumn is also called “Fall”.  Just that word conjures up certain images:  leaves gently falling from the limbs of trees persuaded by the wind; lawns needing to be raked; piles of these multi-colored leaves with children and pets tromping through.  Cool, crisp mornings and evenings inviting us to enjoy “the beauty of God’s wonderful world.”

In Holy Scriptures, we read in the Book of Ecclesiastes, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  The God who created everything, created the seasons as part of His majestic plan. 

The lives we live seem to have “seasons” as well.”  It seems that the “season” I am in is autumn.  That doesn't mean that I’m at the end of my life.  But I do realize that I’m not a “spring chicken” anymore either.  I have lived quite a few seasons and I cherish the many memories I have had.  I have survived the season of growing up;  I completed the education and training necessary for my chosen vocation;  I married and raised a family; my wife and I are enjoying the empty nest and along with that the joy of visits of our adult children.  One day we will enjoy grandchildren, too.

Life as we have been blessed with is to be lived to its fullest.  To each person, that takes on different meanings.  What is it that gives meaning to your life?  What do you need to make that happen?  What season of life are you currently in?  How can you make this season your favorite?

God, Creator of life and seasons, guide us as we go about our days helping us to find those whose seasons are troubling and give us the compassion to offer them a hand and a shoulder to help.  Remind us each of Your promise of "Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow!"  AMEN!