Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tweet this, Facebook that

What is my life worth?  Is it all based on the perception of “friends” who read my posts on Facebook?  Do I need to be sure they know how I really feel about my LORD or politics?  And, what if I don’t “copy and paste” into my status to prove my love and submission to God?

I find it interesting to read posts on Facebook these days.  Yes, there are friends who I envy because of the life of leisure they are now able to live (or that’s all they choose to post about.)  There are those who pass along helpful posts and links from renowned authors.  Friends let me know about the significant life milestones going on.  I read and cherish each one; really I do.

There are also a myriad of political and pseudo-spiritual diatribes being espoused as well.  While I support the right of everyone to have feelings, thoughts and opinions about the happenings of our world, I am growing weary of posts which fane the sickness of one political party or philosophy over another; the “we are better than you are” mentality of one thought-process over another; the “world is going to hell in a hand basket” if you support the other candidate opinions.

Some of this is to be expected during an election year.  I joined “Facebook” four years ago and wondered about this then.  In fact, reading some of the posts then influenced my stating my political views in status as the Nike brand’s “Just Do It.”  Yes, I am concerned about our nation and who is leading it; but short of a new revolution, I’m not sure much will change.  I am more convinced that expressing my opinions on Facebook will not actually influence a change.

I suspect, too, that whatever I choose to express will put me in the “de-friend” category from some of my closest Facebook friends.  So, why risk it?  I’ve just found a bunch of them after many years of separation and I rather enjoy catching up.

On the other hand, Twitter keeps life simpler—or shorter as the case may be.  If I “tweet” I am limited to 140 characters.  I couldn’t even finish this blog with that limitation.

I would rather live my life attempting to please the LORD; and to do that I don’t need Facebook, Twitter, or email (although many times I wish He would send my answer this way.)  I don’t need current technology to report to Him my downfalls—He sees all and knows all.  I don’t need to report to Him that I agree with or disagree with the current popular “right” way of thinking.  What I suspect I DO need to do is treat every person I meet with respect, dignity and love.  They need to see and hear Christ living through me.  “They’ll know we are Christians by our love.” 

“No, nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our LORD.”  (Romans 8:38-39)

I’m going to eat my tuna fish salad sandwich on my back porch now.

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